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Associate Technician Job For Chemical Technology

Associate Technician Job For Chemical Technology at Pfizer Pharma Company

Associate Technician Job For Chemical Technology

 Organisation :  Pfizer

 Organisation Type : All IndustryPharma


Job Type : Technician


 Position Type : Full Time


 Job Location : Groton, Connecticut

 Salary : Competitive


 Apply End : 2February 2023


We are seeking a Technician in the Chemical Technology - Small Scale Hydrogenation (SSH) and High Throughput Screening (HTS) groups as a laboratory-based experimentalist in Groton, CT. Part of Chemical Research and Development, the Chemical Technology group is responsible for the rapid screening of chemical reactions. The SSH lab specializes in developing and optimizing hydrogenation reactions as well as other gas-reagent or high-pressure reactions. Experimentalists in SSH engage in many facets of development from early screening efforts to large scale engineering assessments and flow hydrogenation reactions. The HTS labs specialize in high throughput experimentation for ambient pressure reactions, solubility measurements and solid form characterization. Experimentalists in HTS engage in small scale screening efforts to generate data needed to guide process development.

The successful candidate will generate experimental data in the laboratory in partnership with the team. They will perform a variety of tasks necessary for the development and evaluation of chemical reactions and c oordinate daily activities with coworkers based on a prioritized list of tasks . They will partner with chemists, analysts, and engineers from across Pfizer R&D to perform existing reaction screening and improve workflows.

How You Will Achieve It

  • Proper handling of chemicals commonly used in organic chemistry labs and high-pressure gas reactions (pyrophoric catalysts, acids, bases, solvents, reactive gases)
  • Execute experiment designs provided by scientists semi-independently.
  • Operate, maintain and clean equipment designed for operation of high-pressure gas reactions (Cat 96, Endeavor, PPR/PHS, FlexyALR and RC1 reactors).
  • Operate, maintain and clean equipment designed for high throughput screening (Unchained Junior, Mettler Chronect , Sirius Microtasker )
  • Actively maintain inventory levels of laboratory supplies, chemicals, and solvents to ensure continuous process workflows.
  • Document conditions and amounts used during experiment executions within electronic lab notebook ( eLN ).
  • Troubleshoot various issues that arise when using common lab equipment including the lab hydrogen supply system.
  • Provide expertise and knowledge to improve workflow efficiency.
  • Maintain general understanding of lab safety associated with handling of pyrophoric catalysts, peroxide forming chemicals and hazardous or flammable gases.
  • Mastery of software associated with programing and operating laboratory equipment.
  • Ensures work areas are kept clean and orderly.



  • H.S. diploma or equivalent with either: Additional field related education (see preferred qualifications) with 0-2 years of experience OR 1-3 years of experience in chemistry laboratory roles or API Manufacturing operations with some experience in a laboratory setting.
  • Demonstrated oral and written communication skills, including the ability to maintain an accurate scientific notebook.
  • Familiarity with modern analytical tools and techniques.


  • Process Technology or Biotechnology Certificate, Engineering or Mechatronics Certificate or an A.S. in Engineering, Chemistry or related scientific field.
  • P roficiency using various computer applications including, but not limited to: Word, Excel, ChemDraw , and Library Studio.


  • The position requires an a bility to work in a laboratory environment performing various experiments in a laboratory fume hood , glovebox, and to set up samples for data analysis .


  • A standard day shift operation totaling approximately 40 hours per week is expected for this role, although some second shift or weekend coverage may be required at times as warranted by business need.

Other Job Details:

  • Last Day to Apply: February 17th, 2023.
  • Work Location Assignment:On Premise

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