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Savitribai Jyotirao Phule Fellowship for Single Girl Child Full Information Eligibility Fee Process And Benifits

 Savitribai Jyotirao Phule Fellowship for Single Girl Child Full Information Eligibility Fee Process And Benifits By Jobs Caffe

1. OBJECTIVE: Fellowship is available for pursuing research work leading to award of Ph.D degree under ‘SAVITRIBAI JYOTIRAO PHULE FELLOWSHIP FOR SINGLE GIRL CHILD’. i. To support higher education of single girl child in Social Sciences. ii. To recognize the value of observance of small family norm. iii. To recognize the norm of single girl child in society. iv. To propagate the concept of single girl child norm. v. To promote single girls in the society. 

2. TARGET GROUP: A ‘single girl child’ means the only girl child in the family without having any brother or sister. A girl scholar who is one of the twin daughters/fraternal daughter is also eligible to apply for fellowship under the scheme. If, in a family there is one or more son and one daughter, then the girl child shall not be considered for fellowship under the scheme. Proof of being single girl child has to be submitted on an affidavit of Rs.100/- Stamp paper from the parents duly attested by SDM / First Class Magistrate / Tahsildar as per the prescribed proforma (Annexure I) at the time of filling the online application. In case, the parents are not alive, affidavit can be submitted by guardian of candidate. 

3. NUMBER OF SLOTS: The number of slots for fellowship will be decided every year on the basis of eligible applications complete in all respects, received through online mode. 


(i) Any single girl child of her parents pursuing Ph.D. in any stream/subject in recognised Universities/Colleges/ Institutes is eligible to apply under the scheme. 

(ii) The scheme is applicable to such a single girl child who has registered herself in regular, full-time Ph. D. program.

(iii) Admission to Ph.D. Course in part-time/distance mode is not covered under the scheme. A scholar is not eligible for fellowship if the research is intended/pursued through open/ part-time distance education mode or parttime mode. 

(iv) Girl students up to the age of 40 years for general category and 45 years for the reserved categories i.e. SC/ST/OBC and PWD (Persons with Disabilities) as on the last date of submission of online application are eligible. 

(v) The fellowship under this scheme is available for pursuing research work in the following types of institutions only: 1. Central/State Universities included under section 2(f) of UGC Act, 1956 and having valid accreditation from NAAC. 2. Deemed to be Universities under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956 and having valid accreditation from NAAC. 3. Institutions fully funded by Central or State Governments and empowered to award Degrees. 4. Institutions of National Importance. (vi) Non-teaching Employees of any University / College/ Higher Educational Institution*/ Central/ State/ UT Government are not eligible under the scheme for availing the fellowship, even if they are on Study Leave or Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL) to purse Ph.D course. Fellowship is not available for pursuing M.Phil. 


(i) Only one benefit: A scholar is eligible to receive only one fellowship at a time. The scholar is required to declare that she is not in receipt of any other scholarship/fellowship from any other source and that she will not accept/receive any other monetary benefit/scholarship/fellowship from any other source. In other words, a scholar who is awarded Fellowship by UGC shall not accept any other fellowship/scholarship or hold any appointment, paid or otherwise, or receive any emoluments, salary, stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the award (except in case of academic leave of one year.

(ii) If a scholar wishes to apply for any other fellowship/ paid assignment/ examination during the tenure of the fellowship, she is not required to obtain NOC from UGC, however, in case of selection, she would be required to tender her resignation from the UGC fellowship. 

(iii) In case a scholar is already in receipt of any scholarship/fellowship, she is still eligible to apply under the scheme subject to the condition that it is declared in her application. If the scholar is selected under the scheme, she will have to relinquish either the previous scholarship/fellowship/any other monetary benefit or to cancel the selection under these schemes. 

(iv) A scholar who does not complete her research work during the period of fellowship shall not be eligible to apply again under the scheme. Similarly, a scholar who has completely or partially availed any fellowship for Ph.D earlier under any scheme shall also not be eligible for fellowship under the scheme.

(v) Both the scholar receiving the fellowship and the institution concerned, where the scholar is pursuing her Ph.D are responsible to ensure that the terms and conditions of these schemes are followed properly and only the eligible candidates get the fellowship.. 

6. AADHAAR SEEDING: The fellowship is directly paid to the research scholars into their bank accounts. For this, the bank account numbers of the scholars are required to be Aadhaar linked and verified. As per the instructions of Government of India, the Aadhaar has been made mandatory for disbursement of all Government subsidies/Scholarships/Fellowships which are disbursed directly into the beneficiary’s account. Accordingly, Aadhaar will be used as an Identifier for release of grant under these schemes. 

7. TENURE OF FELLOWSHIP: The tenure of the fellowship is for five years and will be effective from 1st April of the selection year or the actual date of joining under the fellowship in the University/College/Institute, whichever is later. Fellowship will be granted upto the date of submission of Ph.D. Thesis or 5 years of tenure whichever is earlier. No extension is permissible beyond the total period of five years, and the fellow ceases to be a UGC research fellow immediately after expiry of the due date. 

8. FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: The financial assistance available under the schemes is as follows: Fellowship JRF @ Rs. 31,000/- p.m. for initial two years SRF @ Rs. 35,000/- p.m. for remaining tenure (subject to satisfactory progress of research work) Contingency For Humanities and Social Sciences @ Rs. 10,000/- p.a. for initial two years @ Rs. 20,500/- p.a. for remaining tenure For Science, Engineering and Technology @Rs.12,000/- p.a. for initial two years @Rs.25,000/- p.a. for remaining tenure Escort Reader Assistance @ Rs. 3,000/- p.m. in case of ‘Divyang’ scholars 

Note: At the end of tenure/termination of fellowship/resignation of scholar, the books, journals and equipment purchased out of the contingency grant shall become the property of the institution concerned.

9. HRA: Hostel accommodation may be provided to the scholars by their institutions. In such cases, the scholar is eligible to draw only hostel fees excluding mess, electricity, water charges, etc. In case, a scholar refuses the hostel accommodation, he/she shall not be eligible to draw HRA. In case of non-availability of hostel accommodation, the scholar may be provided with single accommodation by the host institution. In such cases, the rent paid by the scholar on actual basis shall be reimbursed, subject to the ceiling of HRA as per Govt. of India norms. If the scholar makes her own arrangements of accommodation, he/she shall be entitled to draw HRA as per ceiling and categorization of cities by the Govt. of India. In case, the scholar wishes to draw HRA, he/she is required to submit a certificate, in the prescribed format, to her institution. 

10. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: No separate/fixed medical assistance is provided. However, the scholars may avail the medical facilities available in their Institutions concerned. 

11. LEAVE: 

(i) Earned Leave for a maximum period of 30 days in a year in addition to public holidays may be taken by a scholar. However, they are not entitled to any other vacation, such as summer, winter and pooja vacations, etc. 

(ii) Maternity/paternity leave as per the Govt. of India norms issued from time to time shall be available for female scholars at full rates of the fellowship once during the tenure of the fellowship. The period of leave without fellowship, if any, shall be counted towards the tenure. Beside this an ‘Intermittent Break’ for a maximum total period of 1 year may also be permissible to the women scholars. The break can be availed maximum 3 times during the entire period of fellowship. However, the total duration of break shall not exceed one year. No fellowship shall be available for the period of such break(s). This period of intermittent breaks shall not be counted towards the tenure of the fellowship, and thus effectively the total period of fellowship shall remain the same.

(iii) Academic leave (without fellowship and other emoluments) shall be permissible only for one year throughout the tenure (for any kind of academic/teaching assignment/foreign visit in connection with research work). The period of leave without fellowship will be counted towards the tenure. Expenditure on foreign visit in connection to research work cannot be claimed from UGC. 

(iv) All kinds of leave shall be availed by the scholar only with due approval of the institution concerned.

12. TRANSFER OF FELLOWSHIP: Change of place of research (institution) will be permissible subject to acceptance of the request by both the institutions and issue of NOCs from both the institutions. Transfer of research place be allowed only once during the entire tenure, subject to the condition that research work is not hampered in any way. The period of tenure of fellowship shall, however, be for five years w.e.f. initial joining in the first institution. The scholar shall not be eligible to receive fellowship from the date of relieving from the first institution till the date of joining in the second institution. 

13. RESIGNATION: A scholar desirous of leaving the research mid-way without completing research degree shall have to submit her resignation to the concerned Institution concerned. On acceptance of the same, the institution concerned is required to immediately mark ‘Stop Payment’ at the payment portal. The grant shall be released up to the date of resignation tendered by the scholar. In such cases, the scholar shall not be eligible for any other research fellowship leading to award of Ph.D degree. 

14. CANCELLATION OF FELLOWSHIP: UGC reserves the right to terminate the fellowship of any awardee in the following cases: i. If the scholar is found to be ineligible to receive the fellowship, at any point of time during the entire duration of the fellowship. ii. If it is found that the fellowship has been availed/is claimed by furnishing false/wrong/misleading information. iii. If any adverse report is received from the institution. iv. Misconduct/misbehavior/corrupt practices. v. Unsatisfactory progress of research work. vi. Violation of terms and conditions of these guidelines. vii. Plagiarism or unethical practices, in any form. Before terminating/cancelling the fellowship, the scholar shall be given reasonable opportunity to defend himself/herself. In case the fellowship is terminated/cancelled before submission of thesis, UGC may initiate the proceedings/take action to recover the amount paid to the scholar along with interest. 

15. PROCEDURE FOR APPLYING FOR THE SCHEME Applications are invited through online mode once in a year through advertisement in leading newspapers & employment news. Short notification is also uploaded in the UGC website i.e.

16. JOINING OF FELLOWSHIP The candidate should join the fellowship within 3 months from the date of issue of Award letter, failing which the award will be treated as cancelled. 

17. PROCEDURE FOR RELEASE OF GRANT The fellowship amount shall be disbursed through DBT mode. The awardee is required to approach her institution for linking of her ID on the UGC-Canara Bank Scholarship Portal. 

18. WHAT THE INSTITUTION HAS TO DO: (a) The institution concerned shall check and verify the details of candidate before attempting to link her ID and upload her required details on the scholarship payment portal along with a filled in ‘Joining cum Verification Report’ and ‘Certificate by the Institution’ (Annexure-I & II) duly signed/countersigned by the scholar, the Guide, the Head of Department and the Registrar of University/Director of Institute. The ‘UGC Canara Bank Scholarship Payment Portal’ can be accessed at . (b) Apart from verifying the name of the scholar in the selection list from UGC website, the institution is also required to strictly follow the following procedure: (i) Read the guidelines of scheme; (ii) verify and ensure the eligibility of the scholar for the fellowship under particular scheme; (iii) ensure the authenticity and correctness of category/caste of the scholar under which he/she is selected; (iv) verify/authenticate the educational qualifications and marks obtained by him/her; (v) ensure that all the documents required as per the guidelines are completely and correctly filled by the scholar in the formats prescribed by UGC; (vi) Upload the required information, on the scholarship payment portal for generating the payment. (vii) Ensure that all the claims for fellowship and HRA are received and timely uploaded on scholarship payment portal on monthly basis. (viii) Ensure that ‘University Grants Commission (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Award of M.Phil/Ph.D Degree Regulations, 2016’ (or as amended) are followed by the Institution including the following: (a) Allocation of Research Supervisor; (b) Course Work; (c) Research Advisory Committee; (d) Evaluation and Assessment Methods, Minimum Standards/Credits for award of Ph.D. (ix) A Ph.D. Scholar shall make at least two paper presentations in conferences/seminars before the submission of the dissertation/thesis for adjudication, and produce evidence for the same in the form of presentation certificates and/or reprints. (x) The Academic Council (or its equivalent body) of the Institution shall evolve a mechanism using well developed software and gadgets to detect plagiarism and other forms of academic dishonesty. (xi) Keep all the hard copies of documents related to candidates in its safe custody during the tenure of fellowship and at least five years after completion of research work/submission of thesis by the scholar. (c) The user institutions, which are new to the scholarship payment portal may go through the instructions tutorial available at the link (d) The data of scholar is required to be uploaded by a ‘Maker’ and approved by a ‘Checker’ both of whom should be permanent officials of that university/institution duly authorized by the Head of Institution to access the scholarship payment portal. (e) The fellowship and HRA (if any) shall be credited directly into the bank account of the awardee, subject to continuance of research work and submission of monthly confirmation certificates by the scholar to her institution during the first week of following/next month. The format for ‘Monthly Confirmation Certificate for claiming Fellowship and HRA’ is given in the guidelines (Annexure-III). (f) The claim for contingency grant should also be submitted to the institution in the prescribed format as given in the guidelines (Annexure-IV). (g) Every claim submitted by a research scholar is required to be checked, verified and uploaded, by the respective institution, on the payment portal on or before 15th of every month. Payments shall be generated only after the approval of uploaded data by the institution concerned on the payment portal. The institutions are solely responsible for genuineness of claim and correctness of data uploaded on the payment portal. 

19. Monitoring: After the end of the second year, the progress of the research work done by the scholar shall be examined by ‘Three Member Assessment Committee’, constituted by the institution consisting of (i) Supervisor/Guide (ii) Head of Department (iii) One outside expert of subject concerned. The recommendations/comments of the Committee, in the prescribed format, duly countersigned by the Registrar/Director/Principal shall be uploaded on the portal. A format of the ‘Three Member Assessment Committee Report’ is given in the guidelines (Annexure-V). After two years, if the progress of the research work of the scholar is found satisfactory, her tenure will be extended further for a period of three years at enhanced rate of fellowship and contingency as Senior Research Fellow (SRF). In case the work for the first two years is not found satisfactory, an additional year will be given to him/her for improvement and the fellowship will continue as JRF for the third year. In such cases work will be evaluated again after three years, and if improvement is found, the Fellow will get two more years as SRF. Thus, the total period of fellowship is five years, with no further provision of extension. In case the progress of research work is found un-satisfactory even after 3 years, the fellowship shall be terminated. If the report of the ‘Three Member Assessment Committee’ is not given/uploaded on the Portal, the monthly payments shall not be generated beyond the period of three years. The institutions are, therefore, advised to ensure timely assessment of the fellows and constitute the Committee well before the expiry of tenure of two years to avoid hardship to the scholars. Important Note: 1. Strict action shall be taken against the scholar for furnishing any type of wrong/misleading information in respect of her eligibility and other details for getting the fellowship and for furnishing wrong/misleading information during the tenure of research period. UGC reserves the right to take action/initiate proceedings against such scholars and for recovery of full amount of paid fellowship along with interest. 2. The institution concerned and its officials shall be held responsible if any payment is made to an ineligible scholar on the basis of uploading of wrong/misleading information on the payment portal. Action shall be taken against the institution/officials including blacklisting of the institution and recovery of paid amount of fellowship with interest from the institution/officials concerned. 3. Un-authorized access of the scholarship payment portal shall invite action under the relevant provisions of the Information Technology (IT) Act.

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