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Economic Geography Professor Job

Economic Geography Professor Job Available at Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Sweden (SE)

Economic Geography Professor Job


Lund University, Faculty of Social Sciences

Organization Type


Job Type


Position Type

Full Time


Sweden (SE)



Apply start


Last Date

18 May 2023

 Economic Geography Professor Job Information


The duties include initiating, developing and leading research, conducting own research, teaching and supervision at the doctoral program and at other levels, as well as development of courses and programs, including administrative tasks.

Eligible to be employed as a professor according to the Higher Education Ordinance chapter 4 paragraph 3 is someone who has demonstrated both scientific and pedagogical skill. The scientific production and teaching must be current in the field of economic geography. The scientific skill must have been demonstrated through independent research efforts that significantly exceed what is required for docent competence, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Assessment criteria
Assessment criteria for employment as a professor are specified in chapter 4 paragraph 3 of the Higher Education Ordinance and in regulations concerning the employment of teachers, dnr LS2010/771.

In general, employment as a professor requires a very high degree of scientific and pedagogical skill. Of particular importance is the ability to publish research of high international quality, supervise doctoral students and the ability to build up, seek external funds to develop and lead research projects in collaboration with other researchers in the current field of economic geography. To be eligible for the position, the applicant must have supervised at least one doctoral student for the degree, as main supervisor or supervisor. In the assessment of pedagogical skill, experience in teaching, supervision and examination at basic, advanced and postgraduate level is valued, as well as experience in terms of implementation, development and evaluation of courses and programmes. Experience of different types of academic leadership will be assessed.

Consideration will be given to how the applicant, through his experience and competence, is judged to be able to supplement and strengthen ongoing research and teaching in economic geography, as well as contribute to the department's future development in a broad sense. The department's research and teaching profiles are described on the department's website ( ). Ability to work in an internationalized environment and to be able to teach in English is a requirement. As teaching can take place in both English and Swedish, non-Scandinavian speaking holders of the position are expected to eventually master the Swedish language. Furthermore, the post holder is expected to actively participate in the institution's day-to-day operations.

The position is applied for electronically via Lund University's applicant portal. The application must be designed in accordance with the Faculty of Social Sciences' instructions which can be found on the faculty's website or can be obtained from recruitment manager Anders Kirchner, . see .

The applicant must also attach a sketch (approx. 3-5 pages) that shows what research she/he intends to engage in within the current position, as well as how this fits into the department's research profile.

Lund University welcomes applicants with different backgrounds and experiences. We see equality and diversity as a strength and asset. Welcome with your application! We avoid all contacts from advertising vendors, recruitment and staffing companies due to government procurement rules.

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