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Postdoc Position In Neuroscience

Postdoc Position In Neuroscience at UCSD, Psychiatry Department in San Diego, California

Postdoc Position In Neuroscience
Postdoc Position In Neuroscience


UCSD, Psychiatry Department

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Full Time


San Diego, California



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29 April 2023

A postdoctoral position is available for a highly motivated candidate to join our research team at UCSD in San Diego, CA. We perform cutting-edge basic and translational research to identify molecular and circuit mechanisms underlying aspects of neuropsychiatric disorders using mouse models. Major projects include dissecting the neural circuits that underlie fast-onset antidepressant effects, perseverative behaviors, and the paradoxical response to negative energy balance (anorexia-related behavior). 

The postdoc will work on a project dissecting the role of orbitostriatal projections and serotonin signaling in perseverative behaviors, and will be supervised by Dr. Stephanie Dulawa and Dr. Samuel Barnes (both in Psychiatry, UCSD). Previous experience using fiber photometry or optogenetics is preferred.

To apply, please send your CV and a statement of your research interests to Dr. Stephanie Dulawa (


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