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Senior Scientist Jobs For Biologist

Senior Scientist Jobs For Biologist In Cellular Genomic and Protein Sciences at Pfizer Pharma

Senior Scientist Jobs For Biologist
Senior Scientist Jobs For Biologist



Organization Type


Job Type

Senior Scientist

Position Type

Full Time


Groton, Connecticut



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Last Date

2 March 2023



As a Senior Scientist in the Cellular, Genomic, and Protein Sciences (CGPS) department, you will be at the center of our protein expression and purification operations and you'll find that everything we do, every day, is in line with an unwavering commitment to quality. You will be responsible for construct design and purification from bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells, as well as the generation and screening of mutant libraries using display technologies (yeast, phage) to generatetools and reagents to validate First in Class Targets. With your deep knowledge of the discipline, you will be recognized as a technical expert and a scientific contributor who routinely partners with, and mentors junior colleagues within the department and across therapeutic areas. Your innovation and creativity in developing novel processes and new ideas will be frequently used to drive decision making impact across the portfolio and establish a world-leading Protein Sciences pipeline to serve a world-leading Drug Discovery pipeline.


  • Represent Protein Sciences at the project team level, helping to guide new targets from gene to screen.
    • Troubleshoot scientific and technical challenges. Mentor more junior scientists to do the same.
    • Design constructs for expression in bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells to produce high quality recombinant proteins, protein complexes, and RNA.
    • Design display libraries and carry out binder identification screens and use library design to produce insights into compound binding and mechanism of action.
    • Purify and characterize recombinant proteins to enable high throughput assays, biophysical assays, and structural efforts.
    • Prepare internally reviewed technical reports, make oral presentations to scientists and management, and publish/patent externally.


    • PhD in Biochemistry, Structural Biology, or a related discipline with 1-2 years relevant experience in protein expression and purification, or M.S. with 7+ years of relevant experience including industry experience.
    • Phage, yeast, or mRNA library generation and display experience for generation of binding partners, or improvement of protein characteristics.
    • Experience in expression construct design for high-yield protein production in bacterial, insect, and mammalian cells.
    • Demonstrated ability to purify proteins ranging from protein domains to challenging large multi-subunit and protein complexes and integral membrane proteins.
    • Experience using Akta purification systems.
    • Strong understanding of protein chemistry and protein analytics, including the recent scientific literature.
    • Demonstrated ability to obtain results and drive innovative research programs independently.
    • Strong working knowledge of the drug development process for progression of projects to identify lead compounds and/or proteins.
    • Self-motivated, organized, and capable of working independently and in a collaborative environment.
    • Strong oral and written communication skills.


    • Characterization of proteins by analytical and biophysical methods including aSEC, fSEC, DLS, DSF, SEC-MALS, and other methods to monitor conformation, oligomerization, and stability.
    • Scientific programming or data analysis skills related to NGS analysis



    Candidate may periodically be asked to travel to other Pfizer sites to give presentations or attend meetings.


    Relocation Support Available
    Work Location Assignment:On Premise



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