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ZJU Global Young Professor Jobs

ZJU Global Young Professor Jobs, Zhejiang Univeristy Invited For Lecturer Job Position

Interested candidate can Apply For ZJU Global Young Professor Jobs Job position, if they are eligible. Read full notification before apply

ZJU Global Young Professor Jobs
ZJU Global Young Professor Jobs



Zhejiang Univeristy


Hangzhou, Zhejiang (CN)


Salary will be comparable and competitive to international standards

Organization Type


Closing date

20 June 2023

Basic Requirements

Applicants should work full-time at ZJU, with passion for education, rigorous learning spirit, cooperative spirit, good health, and high recognition of Zhejiang University culture and values.

Recruiting Categories

Outstanding Young Faculty

Position:ZJU100 Young Professor
Requirements: Applicants with a doctorate degree from a world-renowned university and a formal teaching or research position as assistant or associate professor (or an equivalent title) at an internationally prominent university; a top-notch talent among his or her peers, with the ability to independently establish and develop a research orientation and a potential to become an academic leader in his/her respective field.

Remuneration and Benefits:

1. Remuneration: Competitive salary;

2. Housing: Assistance will be given in solving the housing problem, with temporary apartments provided. Welfare apartments can be purchased after they receive tenure of Zhejiang University.

3.Start-up funds: Provide corresponding scientific research start-up funds according to the discipline;

4.Office and laboratory space: Competitive office environment and laboratory space will be provided;

5.Team building: Qualified for doctoral student enrollment with support of the university and department/school; recruitment of postdoctoral fellows will be supported.

6.Service guarantee: Assist in the school enrollment for children and job for spouses; assist in household registration, permanent residence permits for foreigners, etc.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Position:Postdoctoral Researcher

Requirements: Applicants should hold a doctorate degree in recent years, with good academic research capability and work full-time in ZJU.

Remuneration and Benefits:

1.Competitive compensation: We operate a tiered postdoctoral funding system for full-time postdoctoral researchers, combining the funds of the university, the supervisor, the department/school and external social resources, to provide market-line compensation package and complete social insurance.

2.Convenient living facilities: Apartments with preferential rents and full-equipped life facilities.

3.Clear career development path: Research associate title will be determined after registration with senior professional title available to apply after 2-year work and priority to apply for faculty positions in the university.

Zhejiang University

Established in 1897, Zhejiang University (ZJU) is located in the historical and picturesque city of Hangzhou.

Zhejiang University has always adhered to the tradition of “Seeking Truth and Pursuing Innovation” as the university motto, with the world development as its responsibility and pursuit for truth as its goal. It is the spirit of ZJU and the common values for all ZJUers to develop a mind as broad as the vast ocean embracing all streams and all rivers, and a soul seeking truth and believing in virtues, to be innovative and pioneering, and to construct and consolidate our country. The University strives to nurture high-caliber innovators and future leaders with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetic beauty, and global competitiveness. Under the cultivation of Zhejiang University, a large number of famous scientists, cultural masters, and elites from all walks of life have emerged, making contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the promotion of exchanges and mutual learning among human civilizations.

After over 125 years' development, Zhejiang University has become a comprehensive research university with distinctive features and great impact at home and abroad. Research at Zhejiang University spans 13 academic disciplines, covering philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, art, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and interdisciplinary fields. Of all the 22 disciplines in the list of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), Zhejiang University has 21 in the world's top 1% and 10 in the top 1‰ (ESI data, May 2022). Among the faculty, there are 60 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, 15 senior professors of liberal arts, and more than 1500 National Scholars.

Zhejiang University has been committed to recruiting talents across the world, regarding talents as the top priority in the mission to fulfill its responsibility.

Zhejiang University sincerely welcomes talents to join us and create a brilliant future together.  

How to apply

Application Materials:

1. Detailed resume: Resume of continuous study and work from the beginning of undergraduate study to the date of application, published papers and work, achievements in major teaching and scientific research, research projects undertaken, patents and awards, etc.;

2. Three representative works;

3. Research proposal for work at ZJU.

Submit Your Application:

All the materials needed for application should be integrated into a PDF document named “name—department/school—research direction—talent category ”, and sent  to the email of the respective contact of the department/school (see the attached table for details) that you are applying for, copied to the email of Postdoctoral researchers can send directly to the email of the respective contact of the department/school.
Those who pass the preliminary screening will be invited to attend a video interview or come to Hangzhou for further communication. The preliminary screening will be completed within 4 weeks after the application email is sent, and those who do not receive a reply within 6 weeks can be considered as failing the preliminary screening.

Please call or write to us for more information.
Contact Information:

1. The respective contact of the department/school (see the attached table for details)
2. Talent Office of Zhejiang University

Tel.: +86-571-88208829


Contact:Ms. Li
3. Human Resources Department of Zhejiang University

Tel.: +86-571-88981188


Contact:Ms. Wang