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International Young Scientist Fellowship

International Young Scientist Fellowship at Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

International Young Scientist Fellowship
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Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Beijing (CN)


The annual salary is RMB 350,000; A travel allowance up to RMB 20,000; Medical & health insurance

Position Type

Full Time

Job Type

PhD Fellowship

Organization Type


Closing date

3 September 2023

The Institute of Physics (IOP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) seeks applicants for its International Young Scientist Fellowship (IYSF). IOP is a multi-disciplinary research institute focusing on the basic and applied physics with a history of more than 90 years. Its current research activities concentrate on condensed matter physics, optical physics, atomic/molecular physics, plasma physics, soft matter/biophysics and computation physics. The program intends to recruit and support outstanding young researchers with exceptional prospect and to encourage ambitious collaborations between IOP and the international academia. The fellowship position is for one year and renewable up to three years.

(1) PhD degree from a university outside Mainland China during the past five years / PhD degree from a university in Mainland China and no less than one-year overseas research experience during the past five years.
(2) Excellent academic standing with certain achievements.
(3) A good team player with strong cooperation spirit.

Salary and Benefits
(1) The annual salary is RMB 350,000 (~ $50,710).
(2) A travel allowance up to RMB 20,000 (~ $2,900) per year is offered for international or domestic conferences.
(3) Medical & health insurance package.

Application Procedure
All candidates are required to submit the materials specified as below:
(1) A detailed resume including education background, working experiences, a publication list and a proposed research plan.
(2) Three recommendation letters sent directly to the following contact by the referees.
Applicants are required to choose a sponsor from the IOP faculty members and obtain his/her approval before making the application.

Application Deadline: Twice a year
- Feb. 28 for spring term
- Aug. 31 for fall term
Notification of Fellowship Awards:
- March 31 for spring term
 - Sep. 30 for fall term
Contact : Email: