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Postdoctoral Fellow In Neuroscience

Postdoctoral fellow In molecular and systems neuroscience at Harvard Medical School/Datta lab



Harvard Medical School - Datta lab


Boston, Massachusetts (US)



Position Type

Full Time

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Closing date

24 August 2023

The labs of Sandeep Robert Datta and Michael E. Greenberg are seeking a postdoctoral fellow as part of a joint project to probe the molecular basis of neural circuit function and behavior. The project aims to better understand how individual molecules contribute to key functional properties of circuits in the olfactory system both in the sensory periphery and more centrally in cortex, with the long term goal of using functional molecular approaches to better understand how sensory information is coupled to natural behavior. 

Successful candidates will have significant experience in modern molecular biology techniques (e.g., -omics, single cell techniques, epigenetics) and fluency in analyzing complex datasets; previous experience with neuroscience is a plus but not a requirement. For an example of projects carried out by the Datta lab in this vein see (Tsukahara et al, Cell 184:6326) and by the Greenberg lab see (Yap et al, Nature 590:115, and Pettit et al, Nature 609:327). Ideal candidates will be creative, and able to work with others on collaborative projects in a highly interactive environment.

Applicants should contact Dr. Sandeep Robert Datta at Please include a cover letter describing past work and future interests, a list of references, and a CV.

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